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About a privacy policy

At our school, I recognize importance of the personal information of the customer and it is basics of the operation of our school and is thinking about protecting it with one of the most relevant problems in the management.
I establish the following basic policies and plan common knowledge thorough to all employees to offer service of relief, security, the trust to the customer and observe this.

About 1, the appropriate collection, use of the personal information

When I collect personal information from a customer, I make a collection purpose clear, and our school told you about the window of our school for the customer and I collect personal information and use it within the collection purpose.

About 2, safety management of the personal information and the handling

I take necessary and appropriate safety management measures and act for the improvement that our school sends forth a leak, loss of the personal information of the customer again and prevents loss. In addition, I perform necessary and appropriate supervision so that safety management of the personal information is planned on letting an employee handle personal information.

About 3, continuous maintenance, improvement of official regulations in the company

Our school observes laws and ordinances, a model applied about personal information to hold it and acts for maintenance, the improvement of official regulations about the personal information protection in the company and the protection activity.

About 4, a complaint and the setting of the inquiry window

Our school copes about a change, the deletion of the personal information that had you input on a website immediately. (in the case of the information that cannot identify a customer individual including the access log information, it is excluded.)
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About access information

I may acquire access log information to offer better service on the website of our school. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
※It was not intended to identify the personal information of the customer.
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