Sports health subject
Led by the lecturers of former professional baseball player let alone a technique,
From a theory and mental to conditioning,
I perform instruction suitable for individual techniques and individuality.
Through baseball for the improvement of the human being power as member of society in the future,
I teach it to each one carefully.
I improve an outstanding human being power through baseball
It is important to know own ability, limit, possibility. With own talent
I am aware of a skill set, and the straightening back is prohibited.
 Should know own limit, but at the same time the Nara possibility in the range of the stature
You must not forget to be infinite either.
 If I know own characteristic and I do not spare an effort for the improvement, I surely succeed. That is "an equation of the success".

Characteristic of this course
A leader is a former professional baseball player!
Instruction suitable for individual techniques and individuality!
The human being power instructs it aiming at improvement carefully, too!
I draw potential
Challenge of the amateur baseball meet participation in a war 15th year
The 88th Intercity Baseball Tournament first qualifier first championship!
Aim, city opposition Kyushu qualifier!
The Japanese championship Kyushu qualifier last eight!
I participate in various member of society meetings and take in an exhibition game, a lot of actual fighting exercises,
I play how you can show own ability in feeling of strain.
Future field
Baseball-related company  The student baseball instructor  University admission
Member of society, club team baseball player  Team exclusive belonging trainer
Formal umpire  Leader of the Little League  Public employee
Leader of the amateur baseball  Instructor etc
Voice of the graduate
Shintaro Hirosawa
A workplace: It is B-RINGS Co.,Ltd. considerably
 Kyushu independent league is "B-RINGS Co.,Ltd. considerably", and I am playing baseball now. In the Sports College, there were many games and therefore I found a problem and was able to practice. In addition, the training facilities were enriched, too, and a build improved one size from admissions time, and the weight was able to increase 10 kg, too. An aim combed NPB seriously and became the beriberi by having faced a member of society team of high quality. I think that it contributes to the fact that what I can play in an independent league nearest NPB learned in these 2 years now.