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Document request

The request of a school guidance document and the entrance to school application from this.

After inputting the requirements into the following form, please push the Confirm button.
The name ※required
Furigana ※required
The date of birth ※required
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Zip code ※required
The metropolis and districts ※required
Municipality ※required
Chome address ※required
Phone number (half size) ※required
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Mail (half size) ※required

During the attendance at school or graduation school name
Kind of the school
School name
Department name
Subject name

※In the case of a high school, I fill in (the full time school system, part-time schooling system, communication system)
/leaving school in midcourse (anticipate) that is a graduate
Graduation/leaving school in midcourse (anticipate) year
Year (the Christian era)
/leaving school in midcourse (anticipate) that is a graduate
Club activities calendar at school
Club activities at school
Please choose the course to hope for.
100 sports health subject (two years system, man and woman) capacity
20 infant sports subject (three years system, man and woman) capacity
Course to hope for ※required
A question or question
A question or question
Please check whether there is not an e-mail entry error again.
※I use the personal information that had you input only for guidance and statistics about the entrance to school to our school.
A third party does not have that I leak information entirely.
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