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In the sports college, I learn from the professional sports industry for two years while receiving big support.
The technical guidance from the local professional team of each genre and a big chance to be able to actually make the practice game into! I am keenly aware of the professional world and become one step to approach to oneself after the graduation.

Oita Trinita

Oita football club
Representative director Ozawa orthodox school president
An effort maximum toward the realization of the dream!
Oita Trinita started in ideal by the local contribution through sports in 1994 and reached the 24th year in this year.
I work on vitality of Oita through soccer every day to contribute to "a dream, inspiration, spirit, a smile, a pride" and pray you that I want to make a help to bring about the source and the vitality that it is for breeding of activation, the sports culture of interchange, the economy of people. In addition, I work on the bridge which exists and binds Oita and the world together saying it is from "Oita to the world" that the upbringing type club is representative in a concept in "I bring you up" to be able to become you.
It cooperates with Kyushu Sogo Sports College in various forms to be able to grow up as not only the future athlete but also a professional member of society through the internship of the student.
I wish that I want all of you to do their best without giving it up towards a dream till the last. I will do my best together from Oita.

Kumamoto vorutazu

must believe to archive
I began an activity in origin of, 2008 of the ideal called let's make ", and, through basketball, "Kumamoto Volters" launched let's make, the connection of people for let's make, spirit of Kumamoto in a dream in 2013 so that" child passed.
I have a sponsor, a fan, a stockholder, all people support it, and by one step advances for children for an area. We make an effort as hard as possible to grow up in the human resources that all of the Kyushu Sogo Sports College can play an active part in the world through sports! Having had a relationship in this way here. I thank you!
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