Sports health subject
Conditioning trainer sports instructor
An emergency measure and function recovery of the injury, training instruction of muscular strength and the stamina for the performance improvement,
A trainer as the existence that is necessary "to win" including the prevention and the physical condition management not to hurt you.
The in recent years is sublimed into competition sports not only, the demand by general sports.
It is theoretical, and not only the scientific class but also the on-site training is fulfilling. As well as professional instruction,
I raise battle-ready strength by contacting with the body of the athlete every day.
Please value this moment now to grant a dream!
The basics, the basic knowledge and technology that one necessary for a trainer is overwhelming.
It is a basic matter for it to be to a trusted trainer on the site that can meet any request immediately in detail than anyone else.
However, I go ahead another one step earlier and I determine the manner and the communicative competence to grant a dream and am indispensable.
My being 22 years old, and the dream called the trainer under contract to the professional team having been granted
Because I continued having a heart to take good care of tenacious effort and each one in front.
As for the occupation called the trainer, anyone can get a chance depending on an effort.
I bring up a heart and the ability that can meet the expectation of the people whom I needed with every effort.
The trainer course chief and man and woman basketball department coach Mr. Sakuragi
Former Oita heat Devils trainer
Characteristic of this course
I thoroughly instruct a necessary basic theory as a trainer!
The direct instruction from an active trainer!
I belong to club activities as a trainer,
             I improve power in the on-site!
By abundant partnership,
From the professional, business group team
To the medical related organizations, private enterprise
I can learn widely.

Not only the lecture but also internship
I can experience it, and adaptable fighting potential actually acquires it.
In there being an athlete close,
I assemble a menu like a personal contracted trainer
The valuable experience practicing is possible.
Future field
Professional, business group exclusive belonging trainer  Various training facilities
The House of various treatment  Medical institution  Healthy welfare institution  Fitness club
Gym community sporting house  Swimming school
Sports-related company  Public employee  University admission etc
Voice of the graduate
Shota Nagamine
A workplace: ReBone
 I thought that I could learn from the various places of the lecturer who actually brought various things such as taping and anatomy, the massage along as a trainer in on-site directly and, for oneself who aimed at the trainer, entered it. As it is the environment that can ask about what I do not understand casually, in the class, I acquire knowledge surely. In addition, taping and anatomy to learn in a class, besides, could learn the way as the trainer including how to contact for the player, too, and the human nature was able to grow up, too. For people aiming at the trainer, I will think that it is the best environment in future.