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Life guide

Health care of the athlete

<< meal >>
I am particular about the handmade taste that true heart loaded with an everyday meal in KSSC and provide kind taste warmly. In addition, the meal for the athlete makes up for physical strength of the day, and be brought up, and sometimes control victory or defeat; is important. I consider the nourishment balance and value the satisfaction to meet the stomach of the growing student well. I am free to have a refill of the volume perfect score, the rice! Three meals are cafeteria by all means!
<< physical condition >>
As an athlete is important to the physical condition management, I carry out a medical check as needed. The teacher of House of partner treatment visits a school once a week, too and can receive the needle treatment on campus, too and performs the support in case of an injury and a disease, the poor physical condition carefully.
Of course when I need emergency, I plan the cooperation with the hospital in neighborhood and fix the thorough system. Depending on the life consultation about mental uneasiness and the future trouble, I lay emphasis on health care for a student to live a healthy life.

The dormitory is fulfilling, too!

・It includes three meals on both Saturday and Sunday and a holiday!
When it leaves the parents' house, it has a diet by all means to be tendency towards disorganization. As all meals are included, a dormitory of KSSC is reliable.
・The crisis management is 24 hours, too!
As a teacher of night duty is in the dormitory for men by all means, I can talk about study and employment, poor physical condition immediately anytime.
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