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School expenses support

The scholarship student system that School Fees is exempted from
In admissions, there are Kyushu Sogo Sports College (KSSC) original scholarship student systems. Other than a Yoshimochi Academy scholarship student system, there is the sports scholarship student system, too. There are various kinds including the case which the total amount of the tuition is exempted from and the case exempted partly if I satisfy uniform standard.
You can use the scholarship system, too
The Kyushu Sogo Sports College (KSSC) is a special vocational school of the Oita authorization. Therefore, I can use various scholarship systems including the traffic-accident orphaned child scholarship association including Japan Student Services Organization. In addition, because become the designated school of the entrance into a school of higher grade fund financing system of a country and the workers' credit union, such as National Life Finance Corporation, the ability for employment development organization can borrow money.

Scholarship student system (available for all courses)

In admissions

Priority rank
The amount of exemption
The tuition
Designated school recommendation
500,000 yen exemption
200,000 yen
400,000 yen exemption
300,000 yen
300,000 yen exemption
400,000 yen
※But it may be cancellation by the deliberation when there is the event that an applied student violates school regulations in the learning side, the outside of class remarkably.
※The graduate can take an exam by a self-recommendation book.

Yoshimochi Academy scholarship student system

It is a person of the application by a scholarship student recommendation entrance examination, and more than rating 4.0 or achievements leaves the results such as the upper grade meeting participation in the studies, the sports activity during high school attendance at school and exempts the person who a president, a club Advisor, class teacher can recommend it, and does commit in our school from an entrance fee (100,000 yen).

Various scholarship student systems

Loan amount of money (Japanese yen)
Japan Student Services Organization scholarship
The first kind
(interest-free loan)
Monthly basis
All courses
※The training department is excluded
Of Japan Student Services Organization
It is based on a rule
Attending school out of the home
The second kind
(interest-bearing loan)
2, 0000-120000
The amount of money is the 2017-2018 school year result

School expenses loan

※Our school becomes the designated school of the entrance into a school of higher grade fund financing system of a country and the workers' credit union.
 As the financial situation is different each, please refer to the window of each financial institution for the details directly.
Loan organization
Financial aid limit
The rate of interest
A guarantor and return period
Japanese system financing government finance company
4.5 million yen
1.7% a year
Guarantee of the education fund financing guarantee fund
※(I need guarantee charges separately)
Or it is a joint surety

The return is within 15 years
Kyushu workers' credit union
10 million yen
2.6-3.4% a year (fixation)
2.2-3.0% a year (change)
I use a guarantor of nichihonroshinkyo
※(I need guarantee charges separately)

The return is up to less than 15 years
General school expenses loan
3 million yen
A lot of
It varies according to financial institutions
The return is less than ten years
(during ※ financial aid limit, the rate of interest, the return period a thing as of January, 2021)

Student dormitory

※I establish the dormitory (two) for men in the school site, the close place in our school.
※Because there is a limit to the number of the entering, I accept it and admit it sequentially. The applicant fills in the enclosed school dormitory entering a dormitory application, and please propose it.
※The contract of the entering is a one year unit and assumes it automatic update after the second year. When you do early moving out, during term of a contract, you must pay dormitory charge (except the food expenses) until the expiration during a period.
※Toward the student of the girl, I can introduce a close apartment.
※The dormitory charge may fluctuate by a consumption tax increase.
Dormitory (two) for men
・100 capacity, private room, Wi-Fi perfection, air-conditioner perfection in our school site, washing machine, shower room, bathhouse
Entering a dormitory costs
For dormitory charge one month
39,000 yen
Dormitory charge
Monthly basis (energy bill, administrative expense, fee for common service)
39,000 yen
The food expenses
Monthly basis (morning, noon, three meals of evenings)
36,000 yen
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