Sports health subject
The comfortable environmental cause of specifications all professional from training to training, the training,
I carry out the test match for 20-30 games a year with the J League team,
I continue always challenging it towards a further height.
The uncut stone that the student hides infinite possibility.
I improve a human being power through soccer and want you to shine with various colors.
With a thought, readiness, I continue always challenging it.
I spent time as a footballer and learned many things from soccer.
 The joy that can play soccer, to win joy, vexation, independence, the teamwork that I lost,
Encounter, parting, thanks to the circumference…
When, let alone a technique and knowledge, member toshiteya of the organization is valid; important thing.
I have thought that soccer was life = soccer most.
I became a leader before long and have been taught it by such a soccer that was an important one more.     After all, if "a human being" is the first.
When it is very important to raise the human being power for the life. The soccer is similar to the life. I never meet with the same scene.
 Through such a soccer, I acquire various experience and want you to shine.

 Manager at soccer club Keita Kanemoto
Former Sanfrecce Hiroshima, Oita Trinita, volante
Characteristic of this course
A leader is former J leaguer!
To J League of the dream!
I challenge the foreign countries!
University admission!
To a club leader!
Towards J league
Each 21, Heisei nine states a year prefectural league final championship,
There are the Kyushu league promotion results
Let alone the participation to the meeting of the national level and the actual fighting by the substantial partnership, I can acquire various experience until conditioning and an exercise, management and meeting administration.
Future field
Professional football player  Business group footballer  Authorized umpire
Club team supervision  Manager at boy soccer team
High school soccer supervision, coach  University soccer supervision, coach
General sporting house  Sports-related company  Public employee  University admission etc
Voice of the graduate
Shun Takeda
A workplace: verusupa Oita
 In the Sports College, instruction from Director Keita Kanemoto of the former professional football player, environment called the artificial turf can have an experience of there being upgrading and the training matches such as J clubs again variously. Thanks to such an experience, I can continue chasing the dream as the footballer on the next stage, too. In addition, the necessary human nature is improved environment in becoming a member of society.