Kyushu Junior College of Kinki University communication Education Department simultaneous (three years system)
Child sports subject
Kindergarten teacher, nursery staff course
The infant play and sports experience become the effective stimulation for the growth of a body and the heart.
In late years a child comes to rarely move a body, and the drop of the athletic capability is regarded as uneasiness.
In our school from a kindergarten teacher and a nursery staff, the situation called instructor kids,
I wear the power that I can teach the exercise to growth and physical strength of child to.
As for the kids sports training that students plan it voluntarily as the training curriculum is substantial for three years system and run,
Rich experience leads to confidence through abundant training.
It becomes the person fortune for children and the garden!
It is at all worthwhile work to bring up children carrying the future including a kindergarten teacher, the nursery staff.
"Therefore "what kind of teacher do you want to become?" and what would you do to "what kind of person do you want to become?"?"
I always improve human being powers with skill improvement while imaging oneself ideal, and repeating a monologue,
I wish that I want you to become trust, a respected childminder.
Infant sports chairman Mr. Hori
Characteristic of this course
Kindergarten teacher license, nursery staff qualification
A cozy small number of people system
Kyushu Junior College of Kinki University person graduation
Qualification many by a certain space curriculum of the three years system
I can actually receive practical training in the facilities where I want to find a job!
I acquire the national qualification of a kindergarten teacher license, the nursery staff!
The graduation that is a graduate from Kyushu Junior College of Kinki University!
I start training in the first year in a kindergarten in the fellow scholar garden!
By the cooperation with the Kyushu Junior College of Kinki University communication Education Department, all the members can acquire the national qualification of a kindergarten teacher license, the nursery staff with the end of this department and can acquire the degree of the junior college person of the short university graduate, too. For three years system, I carry out a certain space curriculum. I perform the close instruction that I matched with each one. As it is the technical school of sports, I can acquire a qualification about sports including a "JFA kids leader" "infant security method instructor". Furthermore, "an infant physical education leader" became able to take an exam in our school from this year.
I stop at the kindergarten in the fellow scholar garden from the first year,
Abundant training experience want to actually find a job
To feed adaptable fighting potential including the training in facilities,
100% of rate of employment! All the members hope
I find work to the place.
Future field
Kindergarten  Child nursing home  Nursery school  Infant home
Child with a disability entrance facilities etc
Voice of the graduate
Ai Nishie Yoriko
A workplace: Person with a physical disability facilities miyata Land
 I thought the child course of the Sports College to be the school which fitted own pace. I had not played the piano at all and it was uneasy, but was able to work in peace as I told from 1. In addition, teachers became very kind, too, and the school life was satisfying, too. It is still a teacher and the friend who are important for me. I found a job to person with a disability facilities after the graduation. It is made use of in Sports College very much now having learned. In addition, let alone a nursery staff Certification, kindergarten teacher, it is in own strength because, besides, I can acquire various Certification.