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It is more than ten kinds in each course together
I can acquire Certification!

Teaching certificate, national Certification

Junior high school teacher kind certificate (health and physical education)

High school teacher kind certificate (health and physical education)

 ※Can acquire only sports health subject; Seisa University simultaneous
・Two kinds of kindergarten teacher licenses
・Nursery staff Certification
 ※I can acquire only a child sports subject  
   Kyushu Junior College of Kinki University simultaneous

Sports-related Certification

Health campaign implimentation leader
 (health, physical training business foundation)   
➡73% of 2019) pass rates (eight 11 examination passes)
Training leader JATI (association of Japanese training leader)
・Medical manager
 (association of Japanese medical manager)
<leader Certification>
・JFA authorized Class C coach (Football Association of Japan)
・JFA authorized kids leader (Football Association of Japan)
・JBA authorized coach (Japan Basketball Association)
<umpire Certification>
・Soccer umpire (Football Association of Japan)
・JBA authorized umpire (Japan Basketball Association)
・SMC satellite lecture Grade2 (Football Association of Japan)
・Basic seven (association of core conditioning in Japan)
・Child physical education leader (association of childhood age physical education in Japan)
 ➡I can take an exam in our school!

Other qualifications

  • Medical office administration person (Japan Skill Measurement Association)
  • PC Exam/business ability test/Kanji Test/current events ability test/Secretary official approval
  • The staff of care individuals joining the workforce for the first time training
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