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About certificate issuance

About the issuance of various certificates

I perform the issuance of various certificates acceptance from a window, mail or this website. In the case of the certificate issuance by a window or the mail, you list a necessary item without exception, and please go through the procedure by a window or mail.

Issuance of certificate with the window

You fill out our school predetermined paper, and please apply at a window. A certificate of student registration, the entering a dormitory certificate is available for handing over by the end of the day. Otherwise, I will send it back later as it takes a few days.

[time in] From Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
※On Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, I am absent. (please inquire for the leaves of absence beforehand.

Issuance of certificate by the mail

You enclose paper which you filled in with the requirements, postal fixed-amount money order for the certificate issuance fee, return postage/self-addressed envelope, and please apply by mail.
<return postage charges>
1-2 of them: 120 yen/3-6: 140 yen/7-10: 210 yen
In addition, the one that is available for receiving at our school office window is unnecessary.

Please enclose the paper which you filled in with following 11 items.
①The full name ② furigana ③ full name (maiden name) ④ maiden name furigana ⑤ date of birth ⑥ sex ⑦ graduation year, graduation course
⑧Present address ⑨ carrying or home phone number ⑩ necessary kind and number of copies (e.g.,: certificates such as one) ⑪ purpose of use


●About the days that certificates take
Depending on a certificate, I may need time more than one week. Apply with margin.
●About an issuance fee
The issuance of each certificate fees are as follows. About the certificate except the following, please confirm it over a telephone.
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Application, reference

〒872-0021 Oita Prefecture, Usa City larger section of a village luxurious golden mansion 199-2
Person in charge of Kyushu Sogo Sports College certificate issuance (inquiry phone number /TEL.0978-38-4880)

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