Sports health subject
The welfare, the management, medical office work
Impression by seeing sports, improvement of joy and the body function of playing sports,
Do you have many people taste sports full of the charm to a cuttlefish?
Sports business is work relating sports to an area and society soundly.
I run team administration, produce, the shop from the plan of the sporting event,
In addition, in the spot of medical care and the welfare that needs are sublimed into rapidly
I bring up the human resources who can do exercise instruction.
Let's develop a creativity, judgement, practice power!
The ability that I can manage for the promotion of every sport in the spot of the sports business,
Ability to be able to create local sports environment is important.
Sports business to be able to say that it is special. Through learning of 2 years,
I learn the ability that I can take a central role on in the plan and the administration, the service of the sports activity.
By internship in the various lecturers and cooperation only in our school
I bring up human resources to apply as adaptable fighting potential.
Manager at the business course chief and soccer club Mr. Maeda for women
Former Yanagigaura High School girl soccer club's advisor
The internship is a tie-up professional team!
The special lecture by the sports manager!
Qualification to work in clinical practice!
Future field
Professional sports team  Corporate team  Various medical institutions
Sports maker  Sports shop  Medical office work
The municipalities public employee  Event plan company  Children's nursing home
Sports-related company  Special elderly nursing home  Public employee  General office work
Public physical education facilities  Physical obstacle sha*mamorihodokoshi*  University admission etc
Voice of the graduate
A business course is a graduate for 2,019 years
A workplace: The former JFL team staff
Yui Hakira
I wanted to become the front staff of the soccer team in the future and enrolled. In the business course, I performed administration, the plan of the school events such as training, the school festival in the business partner. I could make use of the experience in internship, and the employment was fixed as the staff of the professional football team which was a dream, too.
 On the other hand, I challenged Certification such as "medical office administration person" "PC Exam" and acquired it. Internship, qualification take action positively, and please send substantial school life.