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Principal Kojiro Nagaoka
Principal Kojiro Nagaoka
It is practiced the "human being power" education through sports
This school is the technical school which named "sports" of the rich Oita prefecture one and only that "lives by sports, and did open studies as ideal by upbringing of the human being through sports" naturally in comfortable environment in 2005 to be located on the scenic Usa plains.

The subject of this school having six various courses produces a graduate reaching about 800 so far and has a high evaluation from already social many aspects.

Furthermore, we advocate the following aim to bring up the person with "a human being power".
(1) I try for self-study to play an active part in the society
(2) I have a posture to confront toward any difficulty without being afraid of failure
(3) I respect courtesy and have a heart to be considerate of another person

Everybody, this school of the examinee prepare for various programs in response to various needs about sports and look forward to admissions.

I perform self-reform and recommend that he/she experiences substantial learning in this school to discover oneself whom I did not know so far.
Let's create Japanese new sports culture with us.
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