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The employment results

The graduate results

Takeshi Ono
Daihatsu Kyushu
Takeshi Ono
Sports health subject
Baseball course
I am quite from a prefectural information science high school
Shintaro Hirosawa
It is B-RINGS Co.,Ltd. considerably
Shintaro Hirosawa
Sports health subject
Baseball course
I am from Joto High School attached to fortune College of Engineering
Minoru Murata
sen do market
Minoru Murata
Sports health subject
Baseball course
I am from Kyushu industrial high school attached to Kyushu Sangyo Univ.
Unten shines
verusupa Oita
Shun Takeda
Sports health subject
Baseball course
I am from Yoshimochi Independent Academy Yanagigaura High School
Sho Kawada Hiroshi
SANKYU Oita business
Sho Kawada Hiroshi
Athlete course
Soccer specialty
I am from Independent Academic Institution Harada school Kagoshima information high school
(Kagoshima united U-18)
Ryuji Kaebuchi
Ryuji Kaebuchi
Athlete course
Soccer specialty
I am from Independent Academic Institution Kyushu Denki Kogyo school Kibogaoka High School
Wakita religion Sei
Wakita religion Sei
Sports health subject
Basketball course
I am from Miyazaki school High School
Kenshin Tabuchi
Special elderly nursing home usuien
Kenshin Tabuchi
Sports health subject
Trainer course
I am quite from prefectural Takada High School
Runa Masunaga
The House of sakono bonesetting
Runa Masunaga
Sports health subject
Trainer course
I am from Orio love truth school Orio love truth high school
Ayaka Otsuka
Independent Academic Institution spring school Center for Early Childhood Education and Care nagisa kindergarten
Ayaka Otsuka
Child sports subject
Kindergarten teacher, nursery staff course
I am quite from west High School for Prefectural University
Asuka Kurasako
Social welfare corporation children's nursing home St. Josef dormitory
Asuka Kurasako
Child sports subject
Kindergarten teacher, nursery staff course
I am quite from prefectural Nakatsu south High School Yaba-kei Gorge school
Tadashi Hasegawa
The social welfare corporation truth ball welfare society castle stand nursery school
Tadashi Hasegawa
Child sports subject
Kindergarten teacher, nursery staff course
I am quite from a male castle stand high school for Prefectural University

Course support

Know-how to feel the place of the achievement in the sportsdom flexibly

The course of the sportsdom is not only an athlete, a leader, a trainer, an instructor, sports business and various possibility!
The world where the sportsdom is surely more special than general companies. Know-how doing course setting in "the compound eyes thought" of two steps of postures, three steps of postures is in KSSC.
The piano experience is participation etc. for not only the player of the league fully local by the basketball that I love it while aiming at the trainer to a kindergarten teacher good at sports instruction though there is not it by club activities in sports shop in spite of being work but also the administration Each course, all parts, result and experience does not matter.
I give a smooth response individually to make each dream a form.

I experience an occupation by internship

I experience "the work" that I cannot learn with the body by the class of the school.
I learn the knowledge as the member of society by the job that sports shop and club team, each including the medical institution hope for.
The professional world experience is possible since before taking a game along as a trainer, and having become professional!

For employment, I support it by an original program

I collect the information of various employment expos and seminars,
Information sends it to a student!
The specialized lecturer visits a school, too!
The employment lecture is held, too! !
I can learn knowledge and know-how necessary for employment.
The attendance individual treatment consultation is possible in the professional class of the carrier counseling enforcement way, too!

I completely navigate the each person's future

While a member of fixed-job worker ascertains an each person's unit from vocational counseling to an interview, I support it thoroughly!
There is a studying abroad support system! The support to study abroad is set, too.

Please leave the support after the employment!

<< reemployment >>
Because a player and a leader are often employed by the contract with the time limit in this world, I can receive support of our school even after graduating.
I perform intelligence and the consultation for the new contract and reemployment.
<< career up >>
After having graduated from our school, the door of the re-entrance to school is opened anytime when new knowledge and qualification including "I want to study the welfare" come to need which "I want to deepen the knowledge of the trainer". I am thinking with "a place of the life sports learning" valuing a feeling to want to study.

Main workplace

[entering further education]
Japanese Kogakuin
Kumamoto Gakuen Univ.
International Budo University
Osaka Industrial University
National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Kanoya
Teikyo University
Komazawa University
Tsuru culture University
Osaka University of Commerce
Nippon Bunri University
The Kyushu Sogo Sports College training department
[public employees]
The Defense Agency Air Self-Defense Force
The Defense Agency Ground Self-Defense Force
The Defense Agency Marine Self Defense Force
The Kagoshima Police
The Ube, Sanyo-Onoda-shi firefighting station
Kitanakagusuku-son office
Staff of high school
Elementary school desk work
Post office
JA saga
JA Kasuya
JA Satsuma nichioki
Otsu training center
Shimonoseki synthesis gymnasium
Beppu arena
[professional, corporate, club team connection]
Cerezo Osaka
Yao baseball club
Ehime Mandarin Pirates
Stock) IKAI
Yamaguchi Fukutaro Aburaya
Leno F Yamaguchi
Independent league (BC league)
hakuwa bikutorizu hardball baseball department
Smythe sereson
Kagoshima united FC
Kagoshima rebunaizu
Blaze Kumamoto soccer school
Yokogawa Musashino FC
Kagoshima united FC soccer school
Kyushu LIXIL
verusupa Oita
Volcker Kagoshima
NPB umpire
Shikoku island league Ehime MP
B league Shimane susanoomajikku
B league rising zephyr Fukuoka
aruterivo Wakayama
The spa Kusatsu U-33
The Thijs Tokushima amateur who overcharges
bandionse Kobe
Nippon Steel-affiliated company
Trinita Extension Department coach
[medical relations]
Fujimoto General Hospital
koga Clinic
Sakamoto orthopedics
Ijiri ophthalmology Clinic
Well being
Glitter on the surface of the water general hospital
The House of bonesetting that came, and expanded
All and the House of acupuncture needle moxibustion bone
The House of OASIS bonesetting
The social welfare corporation Mizuho public welfare center
House of Miyashita bonesetting Kagoshima
A nursing facility leisurely
Tanaka Hospital
A social welfare corporation style and rainbow
The mandarin orange which attacks the nursing facility
Kono brain surgery hospital
Gain castle Hospital
Yoshida Hospital
Mukai Hospital
tokunaga *kotsuin
The House of mountain bonesetting to play
Clear spring clinic Kagoshima
Stock) heart felt dispensing pharmacy
Human care dream Kagoshima
Care port Buzen
The House of wing treatment
Kato Hospital
teru clinic
Sone Hospital
Kumamoto function hospital
Care partner
Oriental medicine
The House of blue point bonesetting
[kindergarten, nursery school]
Exercise nurture center skip
Study) spring school nagisa kindergarten
Mt. company) bloom top welfare society Hiji and child garden
Company) friendship society Azuma musical dance crane nursery school
Study) Nagano school Center for Early Childhood Education and Care gets along with each other; a kindergarten
Company) Oita social welfare corporation acorn
Company) peace colleague love nursery school
Company) jiikukaifukohoikuen
Study) affection school affection kindergarten
Company) wa*kai Torii Nursery School
Saito Catholic Kindergarten
Midorigaoka third kindergarten
Beppu peace garden
Azuma musical dance crane nursery school
Only as for the chestnut, it is a school
Musashi kindergarten
Aoo kindergarten
Catholic Tsurusaki kindergarten
sumaizuseresonsupotsu child garden
Infant home glory garden
Center for Early Childhood Education and Care gets along with each other; a kindergarten
Forest nursery school of the dream
Futabagaoka kindergarten
Tree-based school
Kushikino nursery school
Child child school of Hikari
Decoy kindergarten
Kaminoseki nursery school
Young leave kindergarten
St. Luke nursery school
Stock) task force
kotobuki kindergarten
Sunflower nursery school
Hiji nursery school
[sports-related company]
Doctor stretch
Stock) Axtos
Is; an irregularity physical education classroom
Gold's Gym Suginoi Hotel shop
Stock) B-monster
Stock) mega sports
Stock) leaf RAS
Sports Xebio
Hiroshima Segal soccer school
NAS Corporation
FC Kagoshima
SOGO soccer Jr. club team
Matsue city FC
mirenio FC
The best swimming
Stock) sports Mario
Seika Sports Club
Body work
Exercise facilities Beppu shinsei
Daihatsu arena Nakatsu gymnasium
KONAMI sports
Sporting event plan
Reno F Yamaguchi FC
Stock) curves Japan
Look after all Kumamoto; YMCA
Sports Kimuraya
The Himalayas sports
Global sports
Marlene sports gym
Challenge sports
Physical education temple
Ray Coe will
Access Japan
Natural body
Kawauchi sports 01
Trinita Lady's trainer
[other general companies]
Nishitetsu hotels
The hotel management is international
All frontiers
Arc barrier
Pre-sun juhan
Stock) access bridge
Rhythm Kyushu
Sanshin industry (stock
Stock) MK
Stock) Tetsu gene
Onizuka Electric construction (stock
Stock) miyachiku
Short-term rental contract dot-com
Ueno, Tokyo Amerikaya 610
Stock) eijiekku
Nittetsu Sumikin tex crimson (stock
ANA Naha (stock
Stock) Nippon Hodo
Stock) beauty side
Stock) ankle
Stock) Tsuji Heavy Industries
Stock) Bridgestone
Tsuzuki industry (stock
Stock) Sankyo
Sunrise (stock
Bypass Honda
Stock) ING world
Stock) sun foods
BIC development
Nissan Prince
YMCA Blaise
Takachiho country club
Tsurusaki Sealand Transportation
Nets Toyota Setouchi
Stock) star foods
Joey foot school
Re-spring hall medicine manufacture
Stock) sen seeds
Stock) Hosoyamada Corporation
Stock) enajikku
Stock) Kamigumi
The U.S. cordless handset mechanic (stock
Stock) West Japan window shade mill
Hotel New Otani
Okinawa center school
Yamauchi accounting firm
Honda Cars Shizuoka
Stock) Thailand Yaw
Stock) cue Set
Nittetsu distribution (stock
Taiheikogyo (stock
reokku West Japan
Daimaru department store
School Yanagigaura High School for study) good luck
Kyushu synthesis sports college
Stock) aiokkusu
sebio (stock
Shiroyama Kanko hotel
Daiwa Sangyo (stock
Stock) sagashiki
Stock) Al com
Stock) echo
Sagawa Express
Global science
Stock) Marvelous
topu metal industry
Stock) world
Honda Cars Oita
Stock) Daimatsu
Umeda school group
Kyowa Mokko
Safe industry
Japanese morekku (stock
The Nikken total work (stock
Stock) SAMCO
Toyota, Kitakyushu
Yamashita Sekkei
Q net
Aruba enterprise
F co-op
e- support
Sakae techno
Mitsubishi Chemical Corp. distribution
Soft industry in Japan
Pine source
Toshiba Medical Systems net service
Up swing
Kay enterprise
Todaka mining industry company
Soy technical center Japan
Komatsu Electric
Kyushu TS
Honda Motor
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