Sports health subject
The comfortable environmental cause called the exclusive gymnasium,
I receive support of B.LEAGUE Kumamoto vorutazu and the 3 X 3 stampede,
I bring up the athlete who passes by careful instruction to learn from a professional by the professional and business group team.
There are the registered professional contract results, the prefectural representative National Athletic Meet player
Player producing of the 3 X 3 whole country score ranking ninth place repeats the results steadily.
Only the person who suffered than anyone else can enjoy it than anyone else
The essence of sports is to enjoy it.
Confront a thing and adverse circumstances climbing over an expensive wall.
When it is to enjoy it to work together in competition with own growth and friend, I arrest you.
Many painful things may not go well.
However, pleasure true earlier climbing over it is waiting.
I get over hardship together and will aim at the height.
Manager at the basketball course chief and men's basketball department Genki Yamaguchi
Kyushu Sogo Sports College graduation National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Kanoya admission, graduation
Characteristic of this course
From a player, the staff of the professional team
A supervisor is our school graduate,
         The results of the university admission!
I instruct the tactics and a theory finely!
B league player, business group player
3*3 player producing!
It is the third straight victory achievement Oita general basketball championship championship in 2017!
All 2017 Kyushu club basketball championship Oita qualifier best 4!
In learning an operation to know own body thoroughly in the first year, and to control as an athlete the making of basics as the all-rounder. It is connected in confidence by knowing the body, and the instruction that was particular about winning the second-year game lives.
Future field
B league player  3*3 player  Business group team player
Leader by an elementary school, a junior high school, high school club activities
The junior school coach staff  Public employee University admission etc.
Voice of the graduate
Kiichi Maeshiro
International Pacific University 3 annual admission
 Not only, in the Kyushu Sogo Sports College, I played basketball hard, but also learned when it had a good influence around own body in doing what it could do such as study or the private life. It is that it is connected in confidence in preparation for the best by continuing to have learned through basketball every day steadily, and making an effort.