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Voice of the graduate

Fields from KSSC to a future dream to be connected

3✕3 stampede pro contract (2018)
naedengo*senshu (2017 entrance to school)

Ryusei Tokunaga
B.LEAGUE Kumamoto vorutazu
Ryusei Tokunaga
2015 graduation
 In sports college, the thing which can only realize environment, teachers, own aim including friends with the same will instructing it eagerly is prepared all.
I was able to realize an aim to become the staff of the professional basketball team in sports college, too.
It is to "oneself to want to become" and "oneself doing that I want to do it" here, and you will grant a dream, too!

Takumi Sato
Mt. Hiji and child garden
Takumi Sato
2008 graduation
 I am working as a director now in Center for Early Childhood Education and Care. It liked children, and it held admiration for work about, and it was a dream in the future to work in education, a child-care facility. It was tough for three years to grant a dream, but realizes that it was good to be able to learn in Kyushu synthesis sports college.
 As I can learn sports let alone education, childcare, the choice of the employment spreads, too. In addition, I am the first, and teachers of school always think about students and can send school life in peace as the sisters garden is near, and the support system is substantial.
 I have will high every day to be able to bring up the power that the child carrying the coming future lives for and want to be engaged in education, childcare.
 Work of education, the childcare is the splendid occupation that can feel the growth of children every day. Does everybody not grant a dream in Kyushu synthesis sports college, too?

Genki Yamaguchi
National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Kanoya 3 annual admission
→Kyushu synthesis sports college

Genki Yamaguchi
2014 graduation
I was used to have a dream that I wanted to instruct the basketball during sports college being on the register roll. As I had teachers make much support and environment to go to the dream, I want to help the dream of this time. While everybody looks for oneself future in a dream, you are significant, and please live a life of delightful Courage.
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