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[special lecture] Recruit study supplement introduction!

It is ... for ... public employee, university admission
I take lectures freely, and the student of all courses OK's "a civil service examination measures lecture" and "the junior next admission lecture" founded from 2017
I acquire the knowledge except the specialty and can widen the width of the course.

<< civil service examination measures lecture >>

A main curriculum: Basic education, short essay instruction, numerical processing, aptitude test
Civil service examination measures that the one-day lecture makes an aim clear in 1-2 hours and performs are the strengths of our school. I can polish technical knowledge more to be able to perform the brushing up of each course.
I will recommend it to a student to be a police officer and a firefighter, a marine peace officer, correction officer, the public employee such as the Self-Defense Forces in the future. A perfect support system is set.

<< junior next admission lecture >>

A main curriculum: Basic education, short essay instruction, interview instruction
Other than the physical educators of a junior high school, the high school, I support the admission to the university for a student aiming at the further stage up as an athlete and a leader.
Based on knowledge and the experience that it acquired in each course, it features it to adopt a subject and training having high specialty. Let's step forward to the foot to the future when we can play an active part in the curriculum in particular only in KSSC.
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